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The Spot

Its extremely hard to wrap your head around that in twelve short days it will have been a year. A year since two young boys almost lost their mother. A year since their father almost lost the love of his life. One thing we can all agree on is there was someone watching over her on that day, maybe he was in the passenger seat. Something greater than we can grasp. Things could have and should have ended differently.

This is the “spot” the location that they drove by a million times. A place they never suspected would be engraved in their history. A place you can catch a good sunset on a West Texas evening, where the wind is sure to blow, and where the stars sure shine bright at night. Something as simple as a dirt road, a green colored gate, and a culvert would change the direction of everyday life forever.

Seven hours, two rods, and eight screws is what it took to put her back together. Seven hours of a husband trying wrap his mind around what had just obstructed their life. Seven hours of a dad trying to figure out how to explain to his two young boys what was really happening. Seven hours of little boys not understanding the scope of what was going on. Seven hours of a doctor using everything he has learned to mend the broken pieces. Seven hours of a family in shambles not knowing what an outcome may be.

There she was, learning how to pick up her own pieces in a new life. A new life that was handed to her because of one split second. Learning to walk, learning to sit, learning to stand, learning to live. It took months and needless to say it still isn’t perfect, but they are getting there.

She will never let this “spot” define her, she is determined to define the “spot!”

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Omg! I am crying 😭😭😭 so beautiful

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