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Created For A Time Like This

We are a few short weeks away from it being a year. A year since a lot of our worlds were turned upside down. Who could have seen it coming? Many people lost jobs, many lost loved ones, we all lost our since of “normal.” Plans we had for the next year would be put on the back burner for most. Dreams were abruptly stopped during a time like this.

Then we found out! We found out about you! Those two little lines and that word “pregnant” would be such a light in the darkness in a time like this. We daydream of staring at you sleeping and of counting those ten tiny toes. A rush of joy would soon be shadowed by worry. The worry only a mother can have for someone she has not even met yet. As young women we dream of this moment we long for this day, but who would have thought it would happen during a time like this.

Doctor visits look different, baby showers look different, preparation for your arrival looks different. Different compared to what we have seen or celebrated before. We are forced to wait in our cars until its our turn to be seen. We are pushed to have limited amount of people to celebrate this milestone. Your room is my space of refuge, a quiet place for me to reflect. Every detail has been thought out with purpose. We have a tug in our heart for it to just be normal. Masks will be worn by all during delivery, hospital stays will be cut short once you arrive. Only your father and I will be allowed to snuggle you those first few days. Pictures and facetime will mean more to your loved ones now more than ever during a time like this.

Then it happens, I hear you cry for the very first time. All the sleepless nights of worry and concern have suddenly left. Over the next few days and months, I realize how blessed I am that life is slower now. We do not feel obligated to share you with the world just yet. We get these extra days to stare into your eyes. Your room is not as quiet as it once was, but it is still my place of refuge. The place where my eyes fill up with tears and I now know that you were created for such a time like this.

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